How To Ask A Dad To Marry His Daughter?

Do you have to ask father to marry daughter?

You don’t want to get your girlfriend’s father’s blessing to marry his daughter, just to have his daughter turn you down when you propose.


Try to meet him before you ask.

If it’s possible, try to meet your girlfriend’s parents a few times before you decide you want to marry her.

How do you ask a blessing to marry your daughter?

Here’s how to talk to your girlfriend’s father about getting married:

  • Make sure you and your GF are on the same page about marriage.
  • Meet the parents first if you can.
  • Have a man-to-man conversation with her dad.
  • Explain your wish to marry his daughter.
  • Ask for his blessing to propose marriage.
  • Now it’s time to PROPOSE!

What do you say when a father asks to marry his daughter?

In today’s world, the old tradition of asking a father permission to marry his daughter can feel quite antiquated.

How to Ask a Dad to Marry His Daughter

  1. Talk about it.
  2. Consider other family members.
  3. Choose your words wisely.
  4. Be intentional.
  5. Share your love story (and the ring!).
  6. Get personal.
  7. Make it memorable.

How do I ask a Filipino father to marry his daughter?

One of the Filipino traditions that is still practiced until this modern day is the “Pamamanhikan”, from the word “panik” which means to ascend or to climb a house’s flight of stairs. Pamamanhikan is when the man and his parents visit the woman’s family and ask her parents’ blessing to marry their daughter.

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