How To Ask Alexa Questions?

How do you get Alexa to swear?


What weird things can you ask Alexa?


  • “Alexa, can you fart?” Yes, yes she can.
  • “Alexa, can you burp?” Alexa will give you a funny response.
  • “Alexa, bark.” She’ll bark, but if you tell her to bark a few more times things get out of hand and she starts rapping using dog noises.
  • “Alexa, throw up.” She’ll reply with a funny quip.

What are some cool things Alexa can do?

So, read below to know about the 50 coolest things which Alexa can do for you.

  1. Smart home groups. Source.
  2. The routine. You can program your Echo device according to your daily routine.
  3. Zigbee smart.
  4. Make video calls.
  5. Multi-room audio.
  6. Voice recognition.
  7. Music on demand.
  8. Triggering music.

Is Alexa creepy?

Yes, Alexa is recording mundane details of your life, and it’s creepy as hell – MIT Technology Review.

Can I change Alexa’s voice?

Luckily for you, you can easily change Alexa’s voice on your smart speaker. There are lots of options. You can change the voice of Amazon’s virtual assistant to one with a regional accent, a celebrity (Samuel L. Jackson!), and even a different language altogether.

Can I change Alexa’s name?

Changing the device name
Go to or open the Amazon Alexa app on iOS or Android. In the Android or iOS apps, click the hamburger button in the upper left corner to expand the side menu. In the side menu, select Settings. Type in a new name and click Save Changes.

Are you smarter than Alexa?

The Amazon Echo might sell better than its biggest competitor — the Google Home. But for the second year in a row, a study found that Google’s digital assistant is smarter than Amazon’s assistant, Alexa. Alexa is catching up, though, as it was far and away the most improved from 2017 to 2018.

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What questions can you ask Alexa?

Here’s a list of questions you can ask Alexa to beat boredom, and even crack a smile.


  • Alexa, can you give me a random fact?
  • Alexa, can you tell me a movie fact?
  • Alexa, what are some interesting history facts?
  • Alexa, what are some interesting sports facts?
  • Alexa, what are some facts about the US government?

Can Alexa sing?

6) Alexa, sing a song.
Don’t ask Alexa to play a song. You want to say, specifically, “sing a song.” It’s charming.

Is Alexa always listening?

On Tuesday, the e-commerce giant began rolling out in the U.S. a new feature to all its Echo devices, Alexa Guard, that leverages the fact that its voice assistant is always listening to her surroundings.

Can Alexa call 911?

Your Amazon Echo Can Help You Call 911 in an Emergency. However, Amazon’s Alexa isn’t able to automatically access 911, the nationwide emergency number. One way to make 911 calls using Alexa is to pair your Amazon Echo with Ooma Telo.

Who is Alexa’s voice?

Samuel L. Jackson

Can Alexa laugh?

Case in point: The Amazon Echo was trained to respond to “Alexa, can you laugh,” because it was a means to amuse a human who was bored and out of ideas as to what to do with their talking speaker. Never mind that you’d never, ever, ever ask a human to laugh–you’d try to make them laugh, instead.

Is Alexa dangerous?

Alexa is NOT dangerous. The data it collects is NOT dangerous. Nothing about an Amazon Echo is dangerous. It’s awesome.

Why does Alexa laugh weird?

Amazon has changed the phrase necessary to make Alexa laugh to, “Alexa, can you laugh” which should be less likely to generate false positives. This laugh sounds slightly sarcastic, as if the person laughing were trying to convey that they didn’t really find whatever they’d just heard funny.

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