How To Ask For Ammo In Surviv.Io?

How do you get different emotes in Surviv io?

To change the type of emotes that a player can use, the player goes to the Loadout menu, then click the Happy Face tab.

Then they can click on emotes they have and drag them into the any one of the four slots.

Emotes may be put in more than one slot, which means that an emote inventory can consist of one emote.

How do you drop things in Surviv io?

Right click on the item you wish to drop. For mobile, click and drag the item away.

What are the controls for Surviv io?

Controls allow you to move, aim, shoot, and loot.


Key Function
Mouse Aim
W, Up Arrow Move up
A, Left Arrow Move left
S, Down Arrow Move down

1 more row

What do potatoes do in Surviv io?

The Potato is currently the only crate to have a chance to drop Fists and it has the widest range of weapons that can drop. Dropping your melee weapon before breaking this is a good idea, as you might get a good weapon, for example a Katana, replaced by a Karambit, or even Fists.

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