How To Ask For Donations For A Funeral Instead Of Flowers?

What can I say instead of lieu of flowers?

Alternative Phrases to “In Lieu of Flowers”
Should friends desire, contributions may be sent to Memorials may be made to the charity of your choice. As an expression of sympathy, donations may be mailed to Remembrances may be made in the form desired by friends.

How do you ask for donations for a funeral?

Here are some ways to ask for donations that you may not have considered.

  • Send Emails to Raise Funds for a Funeral.
  • Write a Letter to Raise Funds for the Funeral.
  • Post on Social Media to Ask for Donations.
  • Reach Out to Government Organizations or Charities that Offer Funeral Assistance.
  • Ask In-Person or Make Personal Calls.

What is an appropriate amount for a funeral donation?

A general rule of thumb is that donations should be in line with the cost of a bouquet of funeral flowers. Even just a nominal donation for people on tight budgets is a welcome gesture. Funeral flowers tend to cost in the range of $50 to $80 for a moderate to well-sized bouquet, and $100 or more for a large wreath.

What do you write on a memorial donation?

When writing your sympathy card or condolence note/letter, you should not mention the dollar amount of your financial contribution or gift. Instead, simply note that you “Honored/Remembered the [Insert name of deceased] by sending a gift to [Insert name of the family’s designated charity, cause or organization].”

How much should I donate in lieu of flowers?

With all that being said, after doing some research she found most people spent $100 or less, with the average being about $50. If the family asked for a donation in lieu of flowers, send what you would have spent on flowers.

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