How To Ask Someone For Their Address?

How do you politely ask someone’s address?

Once you have a convincing reason why they should want to give you their address, tell them what it is and be sure to say “please” and “thank you.” It depends largely on why you are asking for someone’s address.

If you need the address to carry out a legitimate action, it is always polite to ask.

How do you ask for an address in English?

How to ask for directions and how to give directions –

How do you give someone your address?

Typically when you give your address it’s in the order: building number, street, unit number (if applicable), city, state/province, postal code, and possibly country (if applicable). For example: 111 First Street Apartment 11, Onesville, California, 11111-1111, United States.

How can I send a gift without an address?

How to Send Gifts Without A Mailing Address

  • Your partner will need to enable and assign their gifting address.
  • Your partner must select a shipping address, make their wish list public, and enable third party shipping for the wish list you will be buying from.
  • Add your partner to your friends list.
  • Add their wish list items to your cart!
  • Proceed to checkout.

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