How To Ask Someone To Flower Dance Stardew Valley?

How many hearts do you need to dance with Stardew Valley?

In this festival, you can dance with one of the bachelors/bachelorettes if you talk to them and invite them to dance, but you must have a minimum affection at least 4 heart with them first. You can talk to the other villagers and they will have regular Flower Festival related lines.

What do you do at the flower dance in Stardew Valley?

The Easiest 2! Year One Flower Dance Partners – Stardew Valley 1.3

Where is the flower dance?

The Flower Dance event is a festival that takes place on the 24th of every Spring from AM to PM in the far west of the Cindersap Forest across the bridge south of Wizard’s Tower. It will trigger as soon as you enter the forest. In this festival you can dance with one of the bachelors or bachelorettes.

Where is the forest in Stardew Valley?

Cindersap Forest is the area located south of the Farm, and includes the Traveling Cart, the Wizard’s Tower, the Abandoned House, Leah’s Cottage, and Marnie’s Ranch. It has exits to the north into the farm, the east into Pelican Town, to the south into The Sewers, and to the northwest into the Secret Woods.

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