How To Ask Someone’s Name In French?

What is your name in French translation?

How to say “what is your name?”” in French. Comment vous appelez-vous ? – What’s your name? Je m’appelle Paul.

What is your name French informal?

Comment t’appelles-tu

How do you ask someone’s name?

Best ways to ask someone’s name – Learn English expressions with

What is Je M Appelle?

From je + a conjugated form of s’appeler. Literally meaning “I call myself”.

What does Como tapel Tu mean?

. French (France) @kataku: comment tu t’appelles means what’s your name! @kataku: comment tu t’appelles means what’s your name!

What is the most beautiful word in French?

Here are the most beautiful French words

  • Argent – silver.
  • Atout – asset.
  • Arabesque – in Arabic fashion or style.
  • Bijoux – jewelry.
  • Bisous – kisses.
  • Bonbon – candy.
  • Brindille – twig.
  • Câlin – hug.

How do you introduce yourself in French?

Learn French – How to Introduce Yourself in French –

What are some common phrases in French?

Common French Phrases for Conversation

  1. Bonjour! ( Good morning, hello)
  2. Bienvenue. (Welcome.)
  3. Madame/Monsieur/Mademoiselle (Mrs. / Mr. /
  4. Pardon, excusez-moi. (Pardon, excuse me.)
  5. Parlez-vous anglais? (Do you speak English?)
  6. Je ne parle pas français. (I do not speak French.)
  7. À tout à l’heure!
  8. Merci/Merci beaucoup.

What is your last name in French?


From To Via
• last name → nom de famille ↔ Familienname
• last name → nom de famille ↔ Nachname
• last name → nom de famille ↔ achternaam

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