How To Ask For A Counter Offer?

How do you ask for a counter offer?

Here are some tips to consider while negotiating a counter offer:

  • Know Your Value and the Industry Rate for Your Position.
  • Don’t Rush It.
  • Don’t Forget Non-Salary Benefits.
  • Don’t Push Too Much.
  • Don’t Say Too Much.
  • Know What’s Really Important to You​

Should I ask for a counter offer?

You need to give you current employer time to make a counter offer while not putting the new offer at risk. It is time to walk a delicate line. I would ask for a reasonable amount of days to think about the new job offer, e.g. by the end of the week the offer is put in writing in final form.

How much should I counter offer?

A good range for a counter is between 10% and 20% above their initial offer. On the low end, 10% is enough to make a counter worthwhile, but not enough to cause anyone any heartburn.

How do you turn down a counter offer?

If you decline the counter-offer I would start by telling your current company that it is very flattering that they want to keep you but that at this time in your career you feel that the other position offers more career growth or something other than just more money.

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