How To Ask For Child Support?

How do I request a child support review?

How Do I Request a Review?

If you have an active/open child support case, you can submit an official Request for Review of your court-ordered amount.

You must download, complete, and mail the “Request for Review” form to the Child Support Division.

How do I request more child support?

Asking the court to change a child support order

  • Fill out your court forms.
  • Have your forms reviewed.
  • Make at least 2 copies of all your forms.
  • File your forms with the court clerk.
  • Get your court date.
  • Serve your papers on the other parent (and the LCSA if involved)
  • File your proof of service.
  • Go to your court hearing.

How can I get out of paying child support?

Stopping Payments

  1. Visit your nearest family court (or the one that issued your current child support order).
  2. Speak to the county clerk at the courthouse and request the appropriate paperwork to cease child support payments.
  3. Fill out that paperwork and file with the courthouse.

How much child support can I get?

On the basic rate, if you’re paying for: One child, you’ll pay 12% of your gross weekly income. Two children, you’ll pay 16% of your gross weekly income. Three or more children, you’ll pay 19% of your gross weekly income.

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