How To Ask Kawakami To Do Laundry?

How do I request Kawakami?

Go to the Coffee Counter and select the prompt that sends Kawakami over to make Coffee.

How do you do the laundry in Persona 5?

Doing Laundry
You can wash dirty equipment you have at the Laundromat in Yongen-Jaya for 200 yen a piece, up to four pieces at once. Doing so will consume time. You can wash it yourself or call the Temperance (Ms. Kawakami) confidant at night when you unlock her Housekeeping ability at Rank 3.

How do I increase my Kawakami confidant?

Kawakami Interaction 3
You can give her Chocolate Truffles or Brand Name Perfume to increase the relationship. When she comes over the next time you will get some responses. After that she reveals everything and you should get the next rank of Temperance.

How do you use Kawakami?

User Info: Nekuraba. Go to whatever activity you want to do (make curry, make tools, etc) and there will be an option to call Kawakami to do it for you.

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