How To Ask Questions On Yahoo?

How do you ask questions on answers?

  • Type in your question and click GO.
  • Step 1: This step is optional.
  • Step 2: Review your question wording, spelling, and capitalization.
  • Optional: If you are logged in, the question will be automatically added to your watchlist, and you will be alerted when it receives an answer or is edited.
  • Submit Question.

Where can I ask questions?

Herein find some best sites where you can ask questions and get answers from real people online.

  1. Answerbag.
  2. Yahoo! Answers.
  3. Blurt it.
  4. WikiAnswers.
  5. FunAdvice.
  6. Askville.
  7. Friendfeed.

Can you delete Yahoo Questions?

1. Once you post a question and get a answer/best answer you cannot delete it. 2. Once you post a question before you get a answer click on the pencil icon and delete your question.

How do I make Yahoo Answers anonymous?

How to Make your Answer Anonymous

  • Open up your favorite browser and Sign in to your Yahoo Answer with your Yahoo Mail Account.
  • Click on the Profile Icon that is on the left sidebar of the Yahoo Answer dashboard.
  • Now Tap on My Answers Tab from your Profile and select the answer you want to make anonymous.

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