How To Ask Your Therapist For An Emotional Support Animal?

What do I tell my doctor to get an emotional support animal?

This is what your ESA letter needs to have:

  • Mental health professional’s letterhead and signature, as well as date of issuance.
  • Mental health professional’s license type, date of license, license number, and the state that issued the license.
  • Confirmation that an emotional support animal is a vital part of your life.

Can my family doctor prescribe an emotional support animal?

The good news is that your family doctor, provided they are a fully licensed primary care physician, can proscribe an emotional support animal. Your family doctor qualifies to write your emotional support animal letter, provided they are taking care of your mental health issues.

Can my primary care doctor write an ESA letter?

Yes. A primary care physician can provide an emotional support letter provided he/she is licensed and authorized to do so. If your family doctor is taking care of your mental health conditions, he/she can write an ESA letter for you.

How can I get a legit ESA letter?

To get a valid ESA letter, you need to arrange an appointment with a mental health professional. There are thousands of mental health professionals in the United States. Anyone of them can provide you with a legitimate ESA letter. Arrange an appointment with your therapist.

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