How To Ask Sister To Be Bridesmaid?

Do you have to ask your sister to be a bridesmaid? It doesn’t automatically make her your maid of honor. By all means, ask your sister to be your MoH if you’re close. But don’t feel like you have to ask her if all you have in common is DNA. And definitely don’t feel like […]

How To Ask The Universe For Things?

What can I ask the universe for? Here are seven things that you may wish to ask the universe for: Guidance. It’s so easy to feel lost these days, which is ironic considering how reliant the modern human is on GPS. Love (of Self) Wealth. Connection. Clarity. Expansion. How do you ask the universe to […]

How To Ask Out A Girl To Prom?

What is a good way to ask a girl to prom? Send or give her flowers to ask her to prom. Deliver her a single rose or a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Attach a note asking her to prom or just straight up ask her as you give her the flower. You could have […]

How To Ask A Girl Out In Your Class?

How do you ask someone out in your class? The Definitive Guide To Asking Someone Out In College Don’t be too desperate. If you’re in the same class maybe suggest you work on a project together. Don’t be over-confident. Invite them to drinks with your friends. Don’t be too shy. After class maybe ask them […]

How To Ask For A Book Review?

How do you ask for a book review? How to Get Book Reviews (Hint: You have to ask for them!) Insert a personal note in to any books you give away. Include an “Ask” in your release announcement. Announce the release on social media—include an “Ask.” Personally respond. Close any engagement (interview, speech, book signing, […]