How To Ask Companies For Free Products To Review?

How do I ask a brand for a free product?

Tips to Getting Free Products in the Mail

  • Make a list of the companies whose products you use and really love.
  • Find contact information, preferably a mailing address.
  • Write a sincere letter expressing how much you love the products.
  • Wait until the end of the letter to ask for free samples.

What companies will send you free products?

40 Awesome Companies That Will Send You Tons Of Free Stuff

  1. Here’s how to get started:
  2. Corona Receive bottle openers, branded beer sleeves & more.
  3. Neutrogena Receive shower & bath gel and body oil products in the mail.
  4. Chobani Receive coupons for free products + $0.50 off coupons.
  5. Friendly’s.
  6. Traditional Medicinal’s Tea.
  7. Chuck E.
  8. Bird’s Eye.

How do I get free products to review?

How to Get Companies to Send You Products to Review

  • Get free sample boxes (with free shipping) in exchange for your review.
  • Become a product tester for an individual company.
  • Sign up for a platform that works with brands looking for product testers.
  • Review products on (through the Early Reviewer Program)

How do you ask companies to review products?

So here goes:

  1. Tip #1 – Write a decent email.
  2. Tip #2 – Prove you’re legit.
  3. Tip #3 – Make sure you have good content.
  4. Tip #4 – Let the company know what you plan to do with their product.
  5. Tip #5 – Once the review is up send them a link.
  6. Tip #6 – What do you plan to do with the product after the review.

How can I test products for free?

The best product testing websites

  • Toluna. Review: Toluna is pretty much the best site for getting free products and rewards in exchange for your views.
  • UserTesting. Review: UserTesting is awesome because it lets you test websites for money.
  • Pinecone.
  • Clicks Research.
  • Alba Science.
  • i-Say.
  • Crowdville.
  • BzzAgent.
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How do you ask a brand to sponsor you?

How to Get Sponsored on Instagram

  1. Define your brand.
  2. Know your audience.
  3. Post consistently.
  4. Use hashtags and geotags.
  5. Tag brands in your posts.
  6. Include contact information in your bio.
  7. Pitch paid sponsorships.
  8. Know your worth.

How do you receive free products to review on Amazon?

Here’s what to do.

  • Sign up for an Amazon account.
  • Download the Amazon App.
  • Start Writing Reviews.
  • Consider Product Questions.
  • Check the Number of Reviews.
  • Review the Types of Items You Want to Get for Free.
  • Pay Attention to Product Release Dates.
  • Update Your Account Often.

How do you get free stuff from Amazon?

How to get free stuff on Amazon

  1. Method 2: Make good use of AMZDiscover.
  2. Method 3: Facebook Groups give free Amazon products.
  3. Method 4: Free Amazon products on
  4. Method 5: Be an Amazon pro reviewer.
  5. Method 6: Become a vine reviewer.
  6. Method 7: Free items anyone can get on Amazon.

How can I get a free T shirt company?

In this post, we have collected tons of ways to get a free t-shirt from various universities and companies that send you their freebies by mail.

Well Known Colleges that Send You Shirts for Free

  • Alabama State University.
  • Columbia Southern University.
  • Faulkner University.
  • Alaska Pacific University.
  • American Jewish University.

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