How To Ask For A Reference Over Email?

Include your contact information: Include your email address and phone number in your message, so it’s easy for the person to respond and to follow up, if they have questions.

Remember to say thank you: Conclude your request by thanking the reference provider for his or her consideration.

How do you ask for a reference by email?

Tips for Requesting a Reference

  • Choose whom to ask wisely. Typically, you need to provide potential employers with three references.
  • Phrase your request carefully.
  • Include all the details.
  • Use postal mail or email.
  • Edit your correspondence carefully.
  • Say thank you.

How do you ask a previous employer for a reference?

To secure a good reference from a former employer, make your request before you provide her name and contact information to the new company.

  1. Call or email your former supervisor to request the reference at least two to three days before you provide her name.
  2. Ask if she is willing to give an employment reference for you.

How do you ask someone if you can use them as a reference?

Contact the person and ask for permission each time you want to use that person as a reference. Give your references enough time to respond to requests from potential employers. Allow references at least a few days to prepare for a phone call and 2 weeks to provide a reference letter.

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