How To Ask God To Speak To You?

What is God’s message for me?

God’s message for me today is: “This is the way, walk in it.” “I have set my angels to guard your path.” “You have been endued with power from on high for the work and mission to which I have called you and invite you.”

How can I speak to God through prayer?

So, be responsive and talk to Him with due respect.

  • Set aside some quiet time to listen to God. Meditate in silence for some time to listen to God.
  • Be ready to experience a conversation with Jesus.
  • Reply to Jesus’s calling.
  • Open your heart to Jesus.
  • Love God.

Can you literally hear God’s voice?

God does have a still small voice inside of you that over time you get accustomed to listening to as you listen and obey. Unfortunately, our “inner” ears are really broken by the distance that we have all moved ourselves away from Him (sin).

What is God saying to you today?

God is saying to you today, “Change is coming” He will open doors no man can shut.

What is the GW version of the Bible?

The God’s Word Translation

How do I pray?

How to Pray –

How can I ask God for something?


  1. Build a relationship with God. God will hear your prayers whether or not you are following Him, but He is more likely to answer those who are close to Him.
  2. Praise God and give thanks first.
  3. Confess and repent of sin.
  4. Ask God for forgiveness.
  5. Make amends with other people.
  6. Pray against evil that may be around you.
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How do you pray a strong prayer?

I hope they will encourage you to make 2020 a year of prayer.

  • Know to whom you are speaking.
  • Thank him.
  • Ask for God’s will.
  • Say what you need.
  • Ask for forgiveness.
  • Pray with a friend.
  • Pray the Word.
  • Memorize Scripture.

How do I hear God’s voice?

How to Hear God’s Voice

  1. Position Your Heart. The first step of hearing God’s voice is knowing Him.
  2. Prepare Your Mind.
  3. Ponder the Word.
  4. Praise with Your Soul.
  5. Present it to Your Mentors.
  6. Please Never Stop Learning.

How do you discern God’s voice?

In order to discern God’s voice, you must be seeking Him. Being intentional, deliberate and fervent about hearing from God means you must seek Him out in the same manner. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.

How do I hear God’s voice book?

How to Hear God’s Voice is a practical book, clearly training Christians how to experience dialogue with God. Teaching the use of vision, intuitive heart flow and journaling, this book will bring you to the place where you can daily record what the Lord is saying to you.

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