How To Ask Someone To Carpool?

How do you politely ask someone for a ride?

If you need a ride, say something like, “Sure, that would be great!

I really appreciate it.” If you don’t want the ride, then say something like, “Actually I’m okay, but I appreciate the offer!”

Is it rude to ask someone for a ride?

If you are familiar with the person you are asking, you can also ask them for a ride by saying Can I get a ride from you? This is casual, and the use of can is more informal and less polite. If you ask someone this, they have probably taken you someone before, or have offered to do so in the past.

How do you politely decline a carpool?

To be polite, you can expand a little – “Sorry, that won’t work for me/us.” By not giving a reason, you’re not giving him anything to argue against. He can ask you to explain why it doesn’t work, and you can repeat “sorry, we can’t do that”.

How do you offer someone a lift?

Give someone a lift: to make someone feel good by saying kind words; to make someone happier: “I was feeling sad until I spoke to her. She really gave me a lift.” “He’s been very unhappy recently.

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