How To Ask Tarot Questions?

What are the best questions to ask in Tarot readings?

The best types of questions to ask in tarot readings

  • Tell me about my career.
  • How can I improve my relationship with x?
  • What is happening in my love life right now?

How do you ask a tarot love question?

Pull one card for each position (1-7).

Tarot Love Spread

  1. PAST: What did my past relationships teach me?
  2. PRESENT: What can I do today to align with the energy of love?
  3. FUTURE: What does my future ideal relationship look like?
  4. PATTERNS: What types of partners have I attracted in the past, and why?

How do you do a tarot reading on yourself?

How to do a Tarot Card Reading for Yourself

  • Designate A Spot.
  • Pinpoint Your Question.
  • Use An Appropriate Spread.
  • Shuffle, Study, and Reflect.
  • Reading During a Highly Emotional Time.
  • Repeating The Same Spread, For The Same Question, Multiple Times.
  • Drawing “Extra” Cards.
  • Finding A Different Meaning Depending On Your Desired Outcome.

What questions can you ask Oracle cards?

Sample Questions for Oracle Card Readings

  1. What do I need to know about my relationship?
  2. What do my angels want me to know?
  3. What can I expect as I move forward on my life path?
  4. What do I need to focus on?
  5. What advice to the angels have for me on my career path?
  6. What is blocking me from moving forward on my life path?

Can you ask tarot yes or no questions?

Asking an Effective Yes or No Tarot Question. Refining Your Yes or No Tarot Question. Including Time Frames in Your Yes or No Tarot Questions.

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Yes No Tarot Cards – My Own List.

Yes No Maybe
Strength Seven of Wands Hanged Man
Wheel of Fortune Ten of Wands Four of Cups
Temperance Five of Cups Seven of Cups

43 more rows

How do I choose a Tarot deck?

Choose the Deck That’s Right for You
Handle the boxes. Look at them. Ask the shop owner if they have any samples you can examine; most Pagan and Metaphysical shops will have plenty of loose cards lying around, although your local Big Chain Bookstore will not. Ask friends who read Tarot what decks they prefer, and why.

Is it bad to read your own tarot cards?

Reading tarot cards is not only for you to do for others. It can also help you, too, and Banicki told INSIDER that you shouldn’t forget to read your own cards. “Next time you are feeling anxious or worried, pull a card for a reminder or advice,” she said.

Can you ask the tarot how someone feels about you?

It’s possible to ask about any topic at all using Tarot. The cards will answer the exact question you ask. If you only ask about the other person’s feelings and not about your ownthen the cards should only tell you about their feelings.

Can you read tarot for someone not present?

Yes, you can read even if the person is not present in front of you. Every tarot reader has a different style of reading. This is the best thing about tarot reading. You can read for people from any corner of the world.

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