How To Ask Your Doctor For A Testicular Exam?

How can I get my balls checked?

The three basic steps are:

  • Hold one testicle between the thumbs and fingers of both hands and roll it gently between your fingers.
  • Look and feel for any hard lumps, or smooth, rounded bumps, or any change in the size, shape, or consistency of the testicles.
  • Repeat with your other testicle.

Do doctors still do testicular exam?

Nearly half of those surveyed do not perform testicular self-exams. 42 percent of men don’t even know how to perform one, according to the Testicular Cancer Society. Doctors should be performing examinations during annual physicals and discussing how to do a self-exam monthly.

What age should you get a testicular exam?

The testicular exam should begin at age 15 and continue through age 40. It is important to do the exam every month in order to find any changes. The best time to examine your testicles is right after a hot bath or shower. The scrotal skin is most relaxed at this time and the testicles can be felt more easily.

What type of doctor does testicular exams?

Testicular torsion: This condition requires immediate consultation by a urologist (specialist in genital and urinary organs) for surgical management. Prior to surgery, a doctor may attempt to untwist the testicle manually to relieve the problem temporarily, though definitive surgery will ultimately still be required.

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