How To Ask Your Doctor For An Emotional Support Animal?

Here’s what you need to know about getting an emotional dog support letter from your doctor.

  • Discuss Your Mental Health. First and foremost, you and your doctor should have an in-depth discussion regarding your mental health, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Ask about an ESA.
  • Request the Letter.

Who can prescribe an emotional support animal?

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a person’s pet that has been prescribed by a licensed mental health professional, such as a licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

Is it hard to get an ESA letter?

The process for securing an ESA letter is not difficult, especially if you are currently experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. Simply explain to a doctor why you think an animal would enhance your therapy and why you need them to travel with you or live with you in housing that otherwise would not allow animals.

How do I get a doctors note for my emotional support cat?

The only emotional support cat registration you need is an ESA letter.

  1. Connect with a licensed mental health professional online or in real life.
  2. Qualify for an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional.
  3. Make sure your cat does not pose a threat to others.

Is emotional pet support legit?

It is perfectly fine to make your pet a legit emotional support animal without visiting a doctor or therapist. You must, however, obtain a legitimate ESA from a licensed professional and not an online letter mill. This ensures that your letter is legal and will be accepted by landlords and airlines.

Can a family doctor write an ESA letter?

Some people ask whether they can obtain an ESA letter from their physician. The answer is yes, you can. It may be worth exploring with your doctor whether an ESA is right for you. However, you should be aware that while doctors technically can issue ESA letters, most ESA letters are not from doctors.

How does an ESA help with anxiety?

As all animals require their own care and attention, having an Emotional Support Animal can improve the symptoms of anxiety. By simply providing a distraction for the owner, an ESA can ward off the symptoms as they begin.

Can you get an ESA for anxiety?

To legally make your pet an emotional support animal, a therapist must recommend an ESA for your mental illness. According to the NIMH, 1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental illness – including anxiety. A licensed therapist must write you an ESA letter recommending an emotional support animal for your condition.

How do I qualify for an ESA letter?

For a person to legally qualify for an emotional support animal (ESA), he/she must be considered emotionally disabled by a licensed mental health professional (therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.), as evidenced by a properly formatted prescription letter.

How do I get my dog certified as an emotional support animal?

The only legitimate way to qualify your dog as an Emotional Support Animal is by obtaining a recommendation letter from a licensed mental health professional. If you do not have a therapist or are having trouble finding one, you can connect with a mental health professional through an online platform.

How much is it to get an ESA letter?

Emotional Support Animal Prescription Letter for $99.

When can a landlord legally reject an ESA?

FAQ #5 – Can a landlord evict me for getting an ESA? A landlord cannot deny an ESA simply because they do not allow pets. No, your landlord cannot evict you because they do not want you to have an ESA. This is in direct violation of Fair Housing regulations.

How do I know if my ESA letter is legit?

Make sure that the licensed mental health professional’s license is in good standing and up to date. You can check on your therapist’s licensing by searching your state’s professional licensing database. An ESA letter that is legitimate will come from a real licensed mental health professional.

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