How To Ask A Girl Out On Tinder?

How long before you ask a girl out on tinder?

Now keep in mind, every single Tinder conversation is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all method to find that perfect window to ask her out. It could be 20 minutes after matching, or 2 weeks later.

What is a good first message on tinder?

Tinder First Message #3: Slightly Flirty
Hey, it’s Tinder so it’s great to be flirty, but unless your match’s profile has flirty or sexually charged language in it, it’s even better to only be slightly flirty. Give them a little tease that makes them want more. First Message Examples: Cute smile.

How do I ask for a match on tinder?

5 Tips to Turn Your Tinder Match Into a Date

  • Find a common interest. What do you have in common that would be a good jumping off point to ask your match out on a date?
  • Offer to continue a story in person.
  • Compliment them.
  • Make them ask you.
  • Just go for it.

What should I say to a girl on tinder?


  1. Send the first message (read these Tinder conversation starters for inspiration)
  2. Reference details you notice in her bio or pictures.
  3. Compliment her, but on something other than her looks.
  4. Ask genuine questions to get to know her better.
  5. Work on building a rapport.
  6. Then (and only then) move the conversation off Tinder.

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