How To Ask About One’s Availability?

How do you ask someone about their availability?

You send an email to someone asking for some of their time. At the end of your email, you write: “Let me know your availability.

  • 3 Things you should always do when you ask for someone’s time.
  • Remind them of what they’ll get out of the meeting.

Do let me know your availability?

Let me know when you are available so that we can discuss this in more details. Let me know when you are not busy so that we can discuss this in more details.

How do you ask an email availability?

Open the email with a sentence that tells the reader you are writing to schedule an appointment at his convenience. Follow the purpose statement with your reason for requesting the meeting. Tell the recipient briefly who you are and the reason why you need to meet with him.

Can you please let me know when you are free?

“Let me know whenever you are free” means “At all points you are free in the future, tell me about them.” “Let me know when you are free” means “Let me know next time you are free.” In other words it expresses the idea that it is not important when – just at some time.

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