How To Ask For An Extension On A Court Date?

To ask for a postponement

  • Fill out Request to Postpone Trial (Small Claims) (Form SC-150 ) OR write a letter to the court explaining why you need to change your court date;
  • Make a copy of your Request or letter for yourself and one for each other party in the case.

How do I get an extension on my court date?

Attend the court date.
If you desire a postponement of the date because you simply need more time, you can opt to attend and ask the judge for more time on that date. Check in with the judge’s clerk when you arrive. Tell them what case you are there for and that you would like to ask the judge for a continuance.

How do you ask a judge for an extension?

Ask for an extension in person, by phone or in writing before the due date. (See contact info on the Traffic Courthouse locations page.) The Clerk can only give you one extension (“continuance”). And you can’t ask for more than 30 days past the due date.

How long can you postpone a court date?

If your trial is in less than 10 days:
Or go to your trial and ask the judge for a postponement (or continuance). In your Form SC-150 or letter, give the judge a good reason why you are filing your request late.

How do I request an extension for traffic school?

Request a traffic school completion date extension using Online Services. To begin the process, find your ticket by Driver’s License Number. Request a traffic school completion date extension using Online Services. To begin the process, you may also find your ticket by Ticket Number.

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How many times can a court case be postponed?

A case can be reset as many times asa Judge allows a case to be reset. There is no statutory limit on the number of times a particular case can be rescheduled.

Why did they change my court date?

In my experience, the most common reason they push back court dates is because the CHP is not ready to turn over reports to the DA’s office. This could be because they are waiting for blood tests or simply because they have a backlog of cases

What constitutes good cause for continuance?


What does filing a continuance mean?

In American procedural law, a continuance is the postponement of a hearing, trial, or other scheduled court proceeding at the request of either or both parties in the dispute, or by the judge sua sponte.

How do I get a continuance in family court?

Getting a Continuance

  1. Ask your spouse or his attorney to agree to a continuance.
  2. Prepare a motion for continuance or write a letter asking the court for a continuance.
  3. File the motion or letter for continuance.
  4. Request a hearing on your request for a continuance if a hearing is required.

Can you get a extension on a ticket?

Request Extension to Pay Traffic Ticket
If you are unable to pay your traffic ticket fine in the required time, you have the option to request an extension. You must request the extension within 30 calendar days of receiving a ticket to avoid additional late fees and possible suspension of your driver’s license.

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Can I ask for an extension on my traffic school due date?

You may request one 60-day traffic school extension from the Los Angeles court in order to complete your traffic school. Request a traffic school completion date extension using Online Services.

What happens if you miss the deadline for traffic school?

If you opted out for traffic school and did not complete it by your completion date the court automatically finds you guilty and uses your bond to pay the fine. To keep this from happening again you can go into court when your completion date is coming up and ask for an extension.

Can I get a continuance over the phone?

Requesting a Continuance for Other Purposes
A party who is not delinquent can make the request online, by phone or in person without having to see the judge.

Can I get a continuance without lawyer?

Yes. You must show up in Court and ask the judge for a continuance based on the fact you are seeking out legal representation. Depending on the Judge and County you are likely to get at least one continuance to seek out counsel.

What happens if a person does not receive a speedy trial?

A violation of the speedy trial rule means that any conviction and sentence must be wiped out, and the charges must be dismissed if the case has not reached trial.

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