How To Ask For Directions In French?

How do you show directions in French?

That’s frustrating, but also completely avoidable if you learn the most common ways to indicate directions in French.

  • A droite: on the right.
  • A gauche: on the left.
  • Tout droit: straight.
  • La première à droite: the first (street) on the right.
  • La rue suivante: the next street.
  • En face de: in front of.
  • A côté de: next to.

How do you ask for help in French?

The simplest way to ask for assistance is Au secours!, which means Help! You can also use the phrases: Est-ce que vous pourrez m’aider? (Will you help me?) and Aidez-moi s’il vous plaît! (Please help me!) Of course, you might need different kinds of help depending on the situation.

How do you go to in French?

French verb focus: aller, ‘to go’

  1. Je vais – I go, I am going.
  2. Tu vas – You go, you are going (sing. fam.)
  3. Il va – He/It goes, he/it is going.
  4. Elle va – She/It goes, she/it is going.
  5. Nous allons – We go, we are going.
  6. Vous allez – You go, you are going (pl. pol.)
  7. Ils vont – They (m.) go, they are going.
  8. Elles vont – They (f.) go, they are going.

What is give in French?

The French translation for “to give” is donner.

How do you introduce yourself in French?

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How do you describe the direction of the road?

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How do you politely ask for something in French?

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How do you yell for help in French?

The French translation for “Help! (a shout for help)” is Au secours !.

How do you say I love you in French to a boy?

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