How To Ask Someone What They Want For Christmas?

How do you ask someone what they want for Christmas without asking?

  • 10 subtle ways to find out what they want for Christmas without asking. Published: December 7, 2019, am.
  • Check Pinterest.
  • Ask their friends.
  • Request a website wish list.
  • Get advice from a co-worker.
  • Consider a donation.
  • Get ’em a gift card.
  • Ask them – sort of.

How do you figure out what you want for Christmas?

Tell them that you’d be happy if that was the only item you got this year. Chances are you will still get other presents, but let them know that this one thing means a lot to you. Leave a note saying what you want. Leave a note with a nice message for your parents that includes the item you want for Christmas.

How do you ask for gifts for Christmas?


How do you ask someone what they want as a gift?

If you can’t think of any ideas from the questions you ask yourself about the person, ask them directly. Approach them and ask “What do you want for your birthday?” or “What would you like for your birthday?” Another direct way of asking them about a gift that they would want is to ask them to give you a Wish List.

Is it rude to ask for a birthday present?

Yes, it is. There’s nothing wrong with asking for birthday gifts as long as you do it properly. You should consider the budget of your guests and make sure your request is reasonable. Also, consider the audience when asking the question if you want to avoid being rude.

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Is it rude to ask someone what they want for their birthday?

People don’t tell you what they want due to the fear of coming across as being rude and disrespectful. And people don’t ask because they don’t want to ruin the surprise. But most people find it to be very uncomfortable to walk up to someone and ask what they want as a gift.

Is it rude to ask for gift cards for Christmas?

If you’re saving up for something special, have a store you’d love to shop from, or just know that your friends and family don’t really get your taste, the answer is yes. It’s okay to ask for cash, or gift certificates, as long as you do it with class and follow a few etiquette guidelines.

How do I tell someone no more gifts?

10 ways to graciously tell someone: ‘no gifts, please’ (with actual examples)

  1. Their love language might be in gift giving/receiving:
  2. The four gift rule.
  3. Or, provide whole family gift ideas.
  4. Or, ask for experiences instead of toys.
  5. Or, do a toy swap.
  6. Or, come up with a homemade gift exchange rule.

How do you politely ask for no gifts?

No Gifts Please Invitation Wording

  • Gift us only with the honor of your presence.
  • Your presence is the best gift we can hope to receive.
  • Please, no gifts.
  • No presents please, just your presence.
  • Please bring only your company and your appetite.
  • Your presence at the celebration is enough of a present.
  • Your presence is the only present desired.

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