How To Ask A Lawyer For Help?

Can you talk to a lawyer for free?

Working with a Lawyer
If you can’t afford a lawyer, but still need legal representation or even have questions about your legal rights, you can get free legal aid in your state.

These legal services have lawyers who work pro bono, meaning “for the public good”, or without charge.

What do you say when contacting a lawyer?

What To Say When You Call An Attorney –

How can I get free legal advice?

If you’re in need of free legal advice, start by visiting “Ask a Lawyer” websites such as or to connect with experienced attorneys. You can also look online for a legal aid hotline in your state, but be aware that they may charge a low cost fee for certain services.

How can I ask a lawyer a question for free?

Frequently asked questions
What is Ask A Lawyer? Ask A Lawyer is a free offering on where consumers can ask legal questions and seek answers from our extensive network of attorneys.

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