How To Ask Customers For Online Reviews?

How do you politely ask for a review?

When Asking For A Review, Here’s What You Need To Know

  • Always get permission before sending a review request.
  • Ask at the peak of your customer’s happiness with your service.
  • Let your customer know that you’re asking for a “favor”
  • Let your customer know how long this will take.

How do you ask for an online review?

Ways to Ask for Reviews via Email

  1. Review Request Example #1. Hey everyone! Positive reviews from awesome customers like you help others to feel confident about choosing [your business] too.
  2. Review Request Example #2. Hey everyone,
  3. Review Request Example #3. Dear [first name]

How do I ask Google for a customer review?

Get Out There & Get Google Reviews
Go ‘Google’ your business and see. Set a goal of getting 5 or 10 reviews. Make a list of customers you can ask for a review. If you can’t think of 5 happy customers, then ask someone in your business who interacts with customers on a regular basis.

How do you ask clients for email reviews?

There are a few key tips to sending the right email when asking for a review:

  • Be sure to personalize your message, including the customer’s name and any other information you know about them.
  • Provide a review link.
  • Keep your message short and sweet.
  • A/B test to find the right messaging.

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