How To Ask Her Out Over Text?

Is it OK to ask a girl out over text?

That is okay to do over text. However, if you really do want to ask her to be your girlfriend, it is heavily recommended you do it in person. If you must, you can text to ask her when might be a good time to call. But if you got her number some other way, do not use it.

How do you ask someone out via text?


  • Stay focused on your goal. Having a text conversation about your crush’s day or interests is a good way to show you want to know them better.
  • Ask them out with a compliment.
  • Be specific when you ask your crush out.
  • Figure out the details of your date.
  • Don’t worry if your crush says no.

Should I ask my crush out over text?

try not to do it over text. if you have the chance to see them, do it in person. it seems easier to do or over text but it means so much more to do it in person. if they say no, oh well, just say okay that’s fine and even if it’s not fine to you, you don’t want that person to think you were obsessed with them.

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