How To Ask How Are You In Japanese?

Do you say how are you in Japanese?

元気ですか (Genki desu ka: “How are you?”) Although it’s instinct to always greet everyone with “How are you?” in English, it’s not the case in Japanese.

Greeting your friends and family with this phrase every time you see them is a bit strange.

How do you respond to Genki desu ka?

there are a lot of possible generally positive responses to “ogenki desu ka”: the standard “(hai,) genki desu.” meaning “I’m fine/I’m energetic.” “ma ma desu” meaning “I’m so-so.” “kekko ii desu yo.” meaning “I’m pretty good.”

How are you in Japanese in English?

“hisashiduri” is used when you met a certain person after a long time ago, and this phrase is very casual. “o genki desuka” can be used in the same situation, but it is a polite phrase. If you can understand these difference and use completely, you are a Japanese master.

How do you ask would you eat you in Japanese?

もう食べましたか? Male Voice Translation: Have you eaten yet?

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