How To Ask Siri A Question On Iphone 6?

How do you ask Siri a question on iPhone 11?

How to Call Siri – iPhone 11 (iOS 13) –

How do you get Siri to answer your questions?

Summon Siri with your voice

  • Say “Hey Siri,” then ask Siri a question or to do a task for you. For example, say something like “Hey Siri, how’s the weather today?” or “Hey Siri, set an alarm for 8 a.m.”
  • To ask Siri another question or to do another task, tap .

How do you trigger Siri?

iPhone: How to customize the way you trigger Siri

  1. Head into Settings > Siri & Search.
  2. Here, you can toggle “Hey Siri”, Home/Side button activation, and allowing Siri to be used when locked.
  3. Turn the options on or off to your liking. Note: Toggling on “Hey Siri” for the first time will require you to go through voice training.

How do I bring up Siri on my iPhone?

How to use Siri on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support –

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